Amie Danae CD


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 1. As Long as I Live    2. Let's Love Not Hate   3. A Story of Your Love 4. You See Me    6. Hold Your Head Up High  6. Be Still My Soul 7. Trust in Your Love  8. Center My Heart 9. Never the Same  10. By Grace through Faith  11. O For a Heart 12. Give Me Jesus 

Most of these songs are original music and lyrics by Amie Danae.


Check out this great song.  Click here for more of Amie Danae's music.


Believe in Something: That Will Save You


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 1. Miss You   2. Believe in Something (that will save you)   3. Restore   4. One Bold Step  5. You Clothe Me   6.  Be Still My Soul  7. The Cold of the Snow   8. Fa La La La (Sharing life with an addict)  9. Walk with You  10. O For a Heart